Watsons HK’s Self-Checkout Cashier Indicates a Whole New Page of Retail Industry

Watsons HK recently released Barcode Scanning Checkout Service in their flagship store, Watsons Lab, which made Watsons HK the first retailer in Hong Kong to use this self-checkout service. The shoppers can put the products they want to purchase in the cart or basket, and simply proceed to the self-checkout cashier.


Transforming Customer Experience with fast, secure auto-checkout process

All of the products in the store are tagged with silver sensor barcode. The customers do not have to take out all of the products one after another. All they have to do is simply scanning the whole basket of the products as a whole. The barcode sensor will detect and scan the barcode tagged on the item and calculate the total amount of the payment automatically. At this final stage, the shoppers can make a payment simply by an app in their mobile phone, Octopus Card, MasterCard, Visa or Alipay.


This cashless checkout facility provides the shoppers with a whole new shopping experience. The shoppers can skip the time needed to be in the queue at the cashier and the payment process is simple, efficient and convenient. From shop owner’s perspectives, they can avoid the store become too crowded and can create a tranquil and pleasant shopping environment for customers.


The Benefits for the Shoppers:

1. No more queuing

2. Tranquil, less crowded and pleasant shopping environment

3. Experience different way of shopping


The Benefits for the Retailers:

1. Cost reduction on human resources expenses

2. Create brand awareness by word-of-mouth or E word-of-mouth.

3. Attract more potential customers, cultivate brand loyalty, create brand value and further increase sales

4. Build connection and communicate with the visitors and shoppers


Being the industry’s first mover, Watsons gains a huge word-of-month marketing benefit from its innovative retail technology


What Watsons provides is a revolutionary retail experience that no other retailer has ever brought into Hong Kong. In retail marketing, the layout display of a store is one of the most indispensible elements to form a connection and communication with their clients and further create a brand value in the visitors’ heart. Furthermore, this auto-checkout facilities can also be commercial promotions to advertise the brand by word-of-mouth. The visitors would share their extraordinary shopping experience with their friends and family or post an article on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The shoppers have become the brand’s ambassador to publicize and promote the brand and their services.


Cashless payment is getting more significant in retail’s future

In this cashless checkout facility, Watsons HK has integrated various payment networks into the payment system and successfully attract shopper’s, retailer’s and banker’s attention, which further manifested that this payment method could potentially pave the way for its future development in the retail world in Hong Kong, and could potentially change the retailing business environment.


Coming with the revolution of shopping technology, cashless payments, such as card payment, e-wallet, mobile payment, will only become more and more prevalent among retailers and shoppers. In payment network industry, card issuers could see this payment technology as opportunities to grow their business, enhance their products, upgrade their services, attract potential clients and meet customer’s needs and wants.





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