Credit card and debit card has no longer been the B2C-only payment methods. In 2015, Deloitte conducted a broad survey of business across Australia and New Zealand. The survey report showed that choosing an appropriate digital and card-based pay-...

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B2B payment solutions shift from generic to specific and provide a range of advancing edges to SME

Because of the complexity and case-by-case variety of industry landscapes, business models and company structures, different companies have different needs about payment solution. In the past, when technology is not as flexible and open as it is...


The Rise of Challenge bank in Hong Kong

The UK Mobile Banking Revolut officially launched in Hong Kong, making local financial and payment industry paying more attention on the development of mobile banking in Hong Kong. In recent years, because of the relaxation of ...


Deploying a card program to streamline your cashflow

The rise of FinTech has forever changed the way companies do business. In this digital generation, many businesses are seeking online payment tools with easy access, convenience, efficiency, and speed. An effective payment solution should enable...


How to improve funds management efficiency in a fragmented payment system?

Fragmented payments results in inefficient funds management, which in turn harms financial health of business
Every business needs a timely, convenient and secure funds management solution and the demand is particularly obvious in industries t...




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